Victor Chan

Full Stack Developer & Indie Musician

MoneyHero, SingSaver & Money101 (2019 – 2020)

Project Description: 

A revamp of Asia leading financial product comparison websites MoneyHero, SingSaver & Money101

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DOTT (2018)

Project Description: 

An iOS app that combines lost pet recovery and pet walking feature. Works with a bluetooth wearable device.

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Pawscan (2018)

Project Description: 

A website for lost pet recovery using QR code tag

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Jeff Teo – The Celebrities’ Illusionist (2018)

Project Description: 

A website for Hong Kong famous magician Jeff Teo

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MOOV Vietnam (2016)

Project Description:

Hong Kong based market leading music streaming service, recently expanded its service to Vietnam
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Project Description: is a side project that I work on with another developer Rik. 2.0 focus on enhancing UI, system architecture & music-event integration

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RiceMate 搵飯腳 (2016)

Project Description: 

RiceMate is a social platform that I collaborated with friends in 2016.

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B2 Talent Asia (2016)

Project Description: 

A website for Hong Kong artist/entertainment agency

B2 Talent Asia

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Zlot Beauty App (2015)

Project Description:

Zlot is a early stage start-up project I work with partners start from end of 2015. It is a beauty O2O platform that users can Continue reading “Zlot Beauty App (2015)”

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