Project Description:

Zlot is a early stage start-up project I work with partners start from end of 2015. It is a beauty O2O platform that users can search for beauty salons, available time slots & purchase the treatment entirely on their mobile device. iOS version is launched in the start of 2016, and Android will be launched in April 2016.

App Store

Google Play (Coming soon)



Server: LNMP with Lumen Framework, NodeJS with Express framework & Socket IO

Merchant client/Admin portal: LNMP with Laravel Framework

Payment Gateway: Braintree

iOS: Objective-C

Android: Ionic framework with AngularJS (Under development)


My Role in this project:

CTO, iOS Development, Server Development, Part of Android Development


Technical Highlights:

  • Optimized algorithm to achieve maximum occupations of salon time slots
  • Real time notification to notify merchants when new purchase comes in
  • Total mobile payment experience with Braintree