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Full Stack Developer & Indie Musician



MOOV Vietnam (2016)

Project Description:

Hong Kong based market leading music streaming service, recently expanded its service to Vietnam
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Advertisements v2.0 (2017)

Project Description: is a side project that I work on with another developer Rik. 2.0 focus on enhancing UI, system architecture & music-event integration

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RiceMate 搵飯腳 (2016)

Project Description: 

RiceMate is a social platform that I collaborated with friends in 2016.

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Zlot Beauty App (2015)

Project Description:

Zlot is a early stage start-up project I work with partners start from end of 2015. It is a beauty O2O platform that users can Continue reading “Zlot Beauty App (2015)”

Jaha Fitness App (2015)

Project Description:

Jaha is a fitness app when I worked in a startup company in 2015. It is an fitness app with various features like Continue reading “Jaha Fitness App (2015)”

McDonald’s Surprise Alarm (2013)

Project Description:

This is a project when I worked in a software vendor company. This is not an ordinary alarm app, when alarm goes off it will Continue reading “McDonald’s Surprise Alarm (2013)” v1.0 (2014)

Project Description: is a personal project that I work on with another developer Rik. In 2014, as a developer and an indie musician. I found that Hong Kong Continue reading “ v1.0 (2014)”

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